How After Market Auto Accessories Are Changing The Automotive Industry

Back in the day the only accessories that you would be able to find were maybe some bumper stickers. Today there are all kinds of accessories for your car. You have everything from the outside of the car to the inside of the car and there are so many things that you can buy for your car. You have everything from neons being under the car to neons being under your seats in your car. You can put extra speakers in your car like sub woofers and amps. There is no limit to what you can do with your car and accessories.

You can even put logos across the back of your rear window to show love for your favorite sports team while you are tailgating. You can get one of those whole logos that take up the whole rear window but don’t take away your ability to see out of it. You just go to a car specialties shop to get whatever else you need.

Many people basically live in their cars so they already have many accessories but other people who just use their cars to go to and from work may not have a single thing to show. Some people that don’t have any accessories and have a long drive to work may like music. They should have some type of satellite radio or something shouldn’t they? Yes they should and nobody should have to go without customizing their own car.

You can put about just anything in the car you want as far as entertainment goes. You can put TVs, game consoles, and other things in the car. You can put DVD players in the car as well as VCRs so you can watch all of your favorite shows and movies in your car. You are not limited to what you can do with your car. You can do anything you want with your car all you need to do is buy the accessories and then start adding them to your car.

Most of the newer cars today like the ford models are coming out with satellite radios in them stock. So if you wanted something else for your car or truck you should be able to find it with ease and be able to install it as well. Many things that you can buy as accessories come with directions so that you can install your accessories yourself but on the other hand if you cannot install them yourself you can hire someone to help you.

The great thing about auto accessories in general is that you can use them anywhere as long as you are in your car and the motor is running.

Everyone would have loved to have had a TV and a DVD player in the car while their parents drove but that’s not how everyone lived. Now you can, you can put anything you want into your car and you can do it now. You don’t have to wait for anyone you can just go buy your accessories for cheap and then get them installed and start using them right away.

Automotive Business Industry – Delivering Information With News Articles

If you go online and you will find hundreds of thousands of articles written on automobiles, and if you pick up nearly any newspaper you will find at least one article concerning the auto industry, or some new type of car that is going to be coming out next year. These are one type of automotive articles we find in the news, and in magazines, but if you are well versed and have a lot of experience in the automotive sector or haps you could write articles on the automotive business industry itself.

Indeed, over the years I have written over 550 articles on this subject, and of those nearly 200 are on the business side of the auto industry. These articles have been well received, and I would recommend that any article author that wishes to sell articles involving economics, the future, and the business of our automobile nation to consider the following things.

First, accuracy is the most important factor, so you must check sources. Just because you read a lot of articles in the newspaper, or page through magazines like Road and Track, or Car and Driver, or read articles in the Wall Street Journal about the automotive sector does not mean you know what you’re talking about. Most of these articles are focused on specific subcategories of niches.

Even if you’ve recently read a book such as; “The End of Detroit” or have clippings of articles over the last couple of years from “Investor’s Business Daily” on the automotive industry, this won’t make you an expert. And if you don’t check sources you are liable to get something wrong or incorrect. You must remember that things change very fast. What might’ve been observed last year is no longer the case.

In fact, within the last year the automotive industry has been turned upside down and nothing is as it was. I hope you will please consider this when writing your automotive articles, for the automotive industry.

Uses of CNC Machining In the Automotive Industry

Many car enthusiasts like to get under the bonnet and learn more about how their vehicle works, whether that is out of general interest or so that they can squeeze any extra power out of the engine. In this article we will look at how CNC machining is responsible for your car’s power output, it’s ignition system and much more.

Does Your Car Start First Time?

Many readers over the age of 40 will remember their first cars requiring a lot of TLC when starting up for the first time, especially in the cold. Often, not using the car for a week or so would mean getting out the jumper cables and asking your neighbour to help starting up when you need to get to work on a cold morning. Chances are, this is now a distant memory, and you’ll be more accustomed to starting your car without a key, let alone with a jump start. So how has this transition come about? it is down to the magic that is CNC machining.

The component in your engine that is responsible for starting your car is called the starter motor. Over the years, computer numerical controlled manufacturing has become more and more advanced, with higher precision parts being crafted by car makers. This fine quality has reduced the failure rate of starter motors, while at the same time requiring less energy to turn the engine on. So how is that? it is thanks to highly precise components that the starter motor has become more efficient over the years, with less potential points of failure. As a result, your car will now consistently start whereas as late as 20 years ago, your family car will likely have been a lot more troublesome.

How Much Horsepower Does Your Car Have?

Another department where cars have benefited from the wonders of CNC machining is in the realm of increasing power. Car enthusiasts will know of American muscle cars with engines as big as 6 litres or even up to 7 and a half litres, yet only developing a pitiful 250-350 horsepower. How incredibly inefficient! Yet at the time of writing in 2013, the Ford Fiesta ST has a 1.6 engine with approaching 200 horsepower, and the average 2 litre naturally aspirated BMW has 177 horsepower. In as late as the early 1990s, your average 2 litre engined car could only manage around 100 horsepower. So how have cars become so powerful with smaller engines? It is all down to CNC machining and the additional efficiency this can bring. Using this technology, car parts can be built to much tighter tolerances, meaning less wear on the engine, and therefore increased power and fuel efficiency.

Performance tuners also turn to CNC machining when they want to increase power in their vehicle. Racing parts must be designed to even tighter tolerances to produce the least energy wastage and highest power. In fact, modern Formula 1 engines are made to so precise tolerances that their engines cannot be started cold. Instead, their engine oil must first be heated to an optimal temperature. A similar phenomenon is seen in tuned road cars. As increased power requires a more efficient engine, more precise parts are required to eliminate any points of the engine that saps power. As a result, more power is generated, but in return the average performance vehicle or tuner car will need more maintenance and servicing as a result.

SCD, Automotive Social Networking

What Is SCD? (Systematic Concept Duplication)

Systematic Concept Duplication is a created science for target marketing, it consist of a series of strategic processes and procedures, that all have their individual identities and already established proven functions, yet operating in sync as one concept. SCD means having a corporate strategy for ensuring that your company realizes their full potential. It is an overall strategy that begins by placing all consumers at the center of everything your company does. SCD also involves employing practical techniques and strategies that will improve all of your business processes.

The end result is to make your existing Corporation-

  • More profitable
  • Be a more enjoyable place to work
  • Have happy contented customers that come back again and again….with their friends

Applying SCD….to your industry

Innovation and customer service is essential in this era of the expanding automotive and customer service industry. Automotive sales, technology and customer service must be consolidated. In good times or bad, your company, its employees, and affiliates must continue to refine their focus in this ever-changing customer friendly virtual environment. SCD for the automotive industry will help define clear goals and the plans to achieve them. The implementation of our Automotive Processes & Procedures will excite the market place with aggressive, bold, and always effective tools that have been tested, proven to be effective and are now ready to be put into place to make your company that much more successful. Automotive Business Development is defined as;

“Taking What You Have And Making It Better”

The Goal…….SCD 10 Steps To the End-Result

  1. Deliver Online Customers
  2. Handling All facets Of Advertising & Marketing
  3. Making Business Development Profitable
  4. Keeping & Growing Your Customer Base
  5. Turning Leads Into Prospects
  6. Controlling The Web-Driven Environment
  7. Strategic DMS Integration
  8. Automotive E-marketing
  9. Power Follow-Up Programs
  10. Virtual Prospecting

SCD involves the human element, the mindset of the people, and the ability to show them a better way. We have taken successful processes and procedures from various industries, integrated them with the ABC’s of the Automotive Business, always getting the same end-result. The entire concept is designed to be implemented into the everyday procedures of those key employees who play an active role in the current and continual success of your company.

The following departments are normally created to function as separate identities, SCD combines these departments to make a well-organized machine operating to achieve the same goal, the same End-Result.

  • Business Development Department
  • The Internet Center
  • The Call Center
  • The Tracking Center
  • The Customer Relations Center
  • Marketing & Advertising

The System……….

Simplicity quickly defines the system that will be created around your goals and expectations, your company’s end-result. The key principals of SCD as applied to your company will include a group of automotive, guest relations and sales elements forming a complex whole. Training, Technology and Merchandising begin the applied concept, there is no one rule or starting point for SCD, it is very conformable to almost any already applied process. Change is never the goal, because with change, you always get resistance, and that will cause a waste of valuable time. A detailed, yet quick assessment and interview of key employees, their departments, their functions and their goals are made. We take what you already have and make it better, by creating better people through their own already established processes and procedures.

SCD must become the key to the driving growth of your company. Only when every point of sales, service and customer contact is finely tuned, can you build loyalty, the key to growing your company. SCD’s Automotive Business Development transforms the culture of your dealerships into a smooth machine geared to capture, control and manage customers and grow your bottom line. Though we have the knowledge to generate, build and manage, our industry lacks the ability to manage processes and procedures, we start but truly never follow through.

The virtual world continues to grow in and around the automotiveindustry, Automotive Business Development (ABD) helps control the growth and capture those customers who are searching the web for service, finance, and/or sales and have chosen your dealerships. Today’s consumers spend more time researching information on the internet about their next purchase.

The Concept……….

Application is the key ingredient to the concept of SCD, once there has been a detailed introduction, overview and assessment, the concept is applied to the dealer’s already established routine through Key employees. The concept is defined as, evaluate, update, eliminate, and replace effective methods from other industries into the daily routine of your key employees, and allowing them to benefit from the results. There must be a quick and effective integration into your already established departments that include the internet, Business Development, and guest relations, turning your dealerships into an internet savvy environment, without changing the culture.

True success through Automotive Business Development involves, first the leader’s goals and expectations for their dealerships, their employees, and their individual departments. ABD allows for the leader to duplicate their efforts directly into their key employees, the environment, the mind-set and expectations of all guests. Our industry already knows what to do, but without application through the human element, everything that we have utilized in the past becomes worthless. SCD allows for value to be created within your environment, replacing the thinking, the verbiage, and attitudes of key employees, with innovative thinking. Always allowing your dealership the ability to adjust any situation to your advantage. Creating a recession proof business, that will profit in good times and bad, regardless of the season. The End-Result will become, A Residual Flow Of Quality Traffic.

SCD maintains a balance between the thinking of your employees and the expectations of your guest. Unfortunately, people have attitudes, but through SCD applied concepts, your people will take on a new attitude and method for handling almost any situation. They become constant thinkers, taught to utilize their Reticular Activating System, in turn creating in your dealerships a network of Ah Ha’s…that will establish the How To…as they go along.

The Reticular Activating System is the attention center in the brain. It is the key to “turning on your brain,” and seems to be the center of motivation.

Who Wins in the Auto Industry Bailout?

The UAW is one of the prime players in the government’s bailout of the auto industry. It is an accepted fact that the labor cost of an American made car is one of the driving forces behind the cost of the product produced. With the government accepting an equity share of the automobile business, what concessions will the labor union make to save the jobs that they have?

One of the obvious concessions that the union is going to have to make is a salary cut. One of the easiest ways to make the salary cuts to the rank and file is to agree to having the workers with the highest wages take a buyout for early retirement. The big question however is will the buyout eventually hurt the union in the long run.

One of the largest expenses in the labor contract is the retirement and health care benefits that are made to employees who were under union contract prior to the last contract being signed. While senior management members often have golden parachutes waiting for them, line workers often receive $100,000 in buyouts for early retirement along with providential health care benefits. This “golden parachute” amounts to almost 2 years salary for the line worker on an early buyout. Additionally the early retiree is eligible for state benefits once his position is terminated.

In the first quarter of 2008, the three Detroit automakers, GM, Ford and Chrysler offered buyouts to hourly UAW represented employees. These buyouts represented an attempt by the automakers to cut payroll costs. Typically workers who were offered buyouts were older, more highly paid workers. By cutting the costs of the workers with the most longevity who typically make the most money, the automakers look to replace them with younger employees who are entitled to less compensation. This practice will reduce labor costs however the possibility of a drop in the quality of the product produced is also inherent.

One particular problem that the UAW is facing is that as their membership dwindles as union members are accepting buyouts is the growing automobile manufacturing area in the South. These automobile plants in the South are typically foreign owned (Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen) and are providing serious competition to Detroit. These Southern plants are generally lower paid and non-union plants. The Detroit automakers are saddled with increased competition and the cost of the tens of thousands of buyouts that they have committed to.

The buyouts of UAW represented employees will allow the Big 3 automakers to close plants that have become un-profitable in the recent economic downturn. These plant closures will provide a cost savings to the Big 3 that can be applied to the existing cost of the UAW buyouts that have been offered. The UAW buyouts will in the long run provide a cost savings to the automakers, however it also in the long run will hurt the UAW as its membership continues to decrease. This loss of membership will ultimately damage the power of the labor union in its contract negotiations with the automakers.